February 19, 2005

I added a bunch of the Jessica Simpson brand 'dessert treats' kissable (nearly edible) beauty products to my amazon wishlist....I was then opening my blog to write about how much I wanted them, when my boy toy Teror bought me most of the items I added! *yeeee* Thanks honey ;> ...mmmm its 'kissable' prefume, lip gloss, and glittery hair n body spray, all in flavors like cotton candy, and banana split, cupcake..etc. *sigh of happyness*

It certainly cheered me up, as I was piddley cause my dad came home today. bargle :|

I was making wierd mp3s today of me n my boyfriend smoking pot n watching 'revenge of the nerds' teheheh. I've been SELLING mp3s (of myself), if you didnt know. I posted about it in my yahoo group \m/

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