February 10, 2005

JE$$IE : so like
x_ps: you don't think i'm a pervert if i whack off to you?
JE$$IE : how often do you sit around thinking about wanting to fuck me
JE$$IE : no, you're a man. thats what you do.
x_psy: i've seen pics of you fucking, ok. and i think of those a lot, but with me in them
x_ps: what good blow jobs you must give
JE$$IE : heheh yep
JE$$IE : i do
x_psych : i know you do
JE$$IE : how do you know
x_psychoc: i think about fucking you every day
JE$$IE : you doooo
x_psycho : i can tell, because you talk about them so passionately
x_psych: you had on your blog once that you wanted to suck some guy in
JE$$IE : when do I talk about sucking dick?
x_psyc : that line stayed in my head for weeks
x_psych : you did on your blog once
x_psych : and i saw you give a blow job once a long time ago
JE$$IE : oh hm
x_psyc : i also get the impression you like a guy to please your ass
JE$$IE : yep
x_psyc : do you like it slapped?
JE$$IE : mmhm
x_psyc : do you like it eaten?
JE$$IE : I also like to be talked to while Im being fucked.
JE$$IE : yep
x_psych : what do you like said to ya
x_psy : raunchy stuff? or loving?
JE$$IE : both
JE$$IE : but without the word raunchy
JE$$IE : I like hearing nasty daddy daughter shit
x_psy : i've fantasied about that too. that i'm your long last daddy and i've come back into your life
JE$$IE : I like hearing what a good girl I am for taking daddys big dick
x_psych : i wanna see if you can be a good girl and take daddy's dick and if you let daddy fuck you hard and good daddy will spoil you
JE$$IE : yep
x_psych : will you be waiting for daddy when he gets home from work?
JE$$IE : yea thats generally how I always talk to my boyfriend.
x_psyc : i've thought about getting you a pocket rocket so you i can give you orgasms haha
JE$$IE : I'm very into being treated like a kid.
JE$$IE : pocket rocket? huh?
x_psyc : i just heard that's the best vibrator
x_psy : that and one called the rabbit
JE$$IE : Im gonna use some of this conversation with your name taken out as a referance in my blog

heheh, sex q n a.

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