February 17, 2005

drinking booze then doing pilates dvd, stupidest thing Ive ever done. I feel like I'm gonna die yo. *grunt* You know I'm so alone out here in the middle of nowhere....that like...I feel like the instructor chicks on my work out tapes n stuff are...my friends. I talk to them during the routine. Dont tell anyone.

I now have a talksugar chatroom:
TalkSugar.com Text Chat

I've also recorded my first two 'pay to listen recordings' on Talk Sugar ...one is a humiliation oriented recording for my ugly yucky bitch boys, the other geared towards 'feminization' for my nasty homoesque 'slaves'. *smirk*

Watching 'Creature Comforts' on comedy central. Fuckin brilliant! Now someone fucking buy me the gym shoes on my amazon list or I'll shave my head.

3 in 1 Mushroom Growing System

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