February 15, 2005

I just did my pilates dvd, christ that shit works your stomache. ...I feel all light headed n shit. And all of that squatting and 'pilate rolling' made my head hurt. My yoga tape's been making my head hurt too. I don't know if it's just cause I've been sick and my heads sensitive, or if it's all the 'your heads touching the floor, now jump up and stand tall' shit, since its like...you know...whipping your head around and letting gravity take its toll. *shrug* Either way I feel lovely and worked out now. This is the perfect antidote for my cabin fever. *pant* ...I'm allready tired of the red in my hair...whining to myself that I want it to be a new color, which is stupid bullshit, get the fuck over it Jessica!!!! right?

I had a lovely V Day, thanks to all of my boy toys n' sugar daddys for the lovely things I received, here's some pics of a few of my gifts (check out those hawt fuckin healless shoes! thanks sahba! ...the huggy pic is signifying the righteous fuck fest that took place yesterday):

Queer eye for the straight guy was so cute tonight, they redid this hippie dude....as usual I got weepy at the end. And what the fuck, some Will and Grace rerun is on, and Darlene from 'roseanne' is in it huh. One of the greatest insults I've ever received was 'you're just trying to be darlene from roseanne' ...some turd in a chatroom said that to me. It was ace. (because darlene was a nasty grunge chick, which makes it mean in an entertaining way, dont you think?) Ah. Anyway, this epi has Barry Manilow (sp?) music in it, and I *LOVE* it. Deal with it. *smirk*

Oh...speaking of my workouts of late, I need new gym shoes. All I have are skateboarding shoes, and those do not the aerobic move make... so, who wants to hook up the Jessie Kitty? I'm toddling off to put gym shoes on my amazon list now <3

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