February 5, 2005

Im all sick dude *cry*

question: ARE YOU IN THE UK!?!?! or anywhere else shrooms can be purchased through the mail? ...You'll be my favorite person on the globe, if you go to this site: www.everyonedoesit.com, where you can buy big fat ass BAGS of allready grown SHROOMS (for cheap) ....I would just buy them myself, since Im DYING for them, but they wont ship them to the usa....

Lets recap. go here: www.everyonedoesit.com, buy bags of 'magic mushrooms'.. then send them to my PO BOX:

Jessica E.
PO BOX 1282

please please please please pleaaaaaaaaase. I don't know anyone in this little buck toothed town Ive moved into, let alone someone to sell me shrooms. I'll send you thank you notes n other such lovelyness, once you SEND ME SHROOMS! (a BIG bag, cause they're cheap man)

Im cute ;>

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