February 21, 2005

*phew* after completing my high octane work out every night for about a week n a half, I'm definatley seeing some new muscle tone. Prodominantly in my legs/thighs. I mean DAMN, what, are those muscles just really easy to build up or what? Tonight I noticed my abs hurting more than before, which must mean I'm doing the dance and pilates movements more accuratley than at first, which kicks total ass! After the first few nights, my fuckin like...hip joints were mega achey, but that seems to be going away as well.

My babes have purchased me a hip hop work out dvd, and new shoes and work out clothes from my wishlist, can't wait to get that stuff!!!!! You know whats REALLY wierd....the more I work out, the less I feel the urge to...well...drink all day. Heheh! I think I'll *always* be a cocktail hour girl, but Im just not FEELING the urge to guzzle booze as much as before. Probably due to the fact that working out makes you more energetic, being more energetic makes you less prone to depression, therefor...yea. Or maybe I'm just not as alcoholic cause I've had way more weed lately. *snicker* *clap clap clap*

It's like...unreal to have this much energy at fuckin two am. I mean Im bouncing off the walls dude!

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oh, and for those foot addicted boys who are, or are about to start serving me, another sexy sexy fuckin pair of shoes (paid for by one of my foot admirers of COURSE):

please ignore the pile of clothes on my floor :D

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