February 27, 2005

Don't forget to join talksugar where you can talk to me live on on the phone, and listen to my recordings ;>

I got my fuckin futon WOO! (now I can shut up about it :D) checky check it:

thank you Hidden!!!! And thanks for the other assload of shit you got me *rubs tits on you*

I'm going to watch the movie 'saw' tonight, I can't fuckin wait to see it rawr. And I can't wait to receive the erm..fungus that mr section 25 dude from the uk sent me. *sings a happy happy song* ...today started out so lame, and ended up so righteous. ;> Except....my hip still hurts. *whimper* ...the yoga and pilates I do are made by these people: http://www.crunch.com ...wish they had a gym in my area!!!


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