March 31, 2008

How I fucking love the sourpuss brand micro minis.

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of course there are harrassive people all over the internet. you're used to it, you deal with it. but every once in awhile something really sad goes on. first off you need to know that it is completely rare that I ever have a negative experience with some other FEMALE online. I dont really approach them myself... mostly the only interacting I do is with chicks who work on the same sites as me. the suavest of the suave ;> ...recently I've been getting shit from a real disaster of a "woman". it's been going down on myspace. she has one of those really sad uncomfortable profiles about her 'bdsm' interests. she posts pictures of her WAY overweight icky body, deformed misshapen nastyness all around, slopped into a pair of dingey ivory granny panties, for real. she's wearing cheap dog collars and raving about her love for bondage, and how she's a switch. you know the type Im talking about, you know it's not pretty. Basically she saw a bulletin I made about my wishlists, and how sluts needed to take themselves shopping for me. Keeping in mind this is on a profile where mostly the only people getting my bulletins are submissives. She in turn posted a bulletin thinly veiled at me, saying that what Im doing is prostitution, and a bunch of other nonsense. I copied it into my myspace blog, laughing about it. I blocked her. Then she continued to find other ways to send me stupid mail, calling me an egomaniac and shit. Alright, thats fine, it's cool. I AM an egomaniac, and I'm hot and awesome and dudes buy me shit, and LIVE for my attention.... and she's mad about it, since she's a gross troll. Makes sense. ...I never even really replied to her. I thought it was funny, and I thought it was over. ...but now a month later or more, shes made a new profile and being harrassive again. ICK! I reported her for cyber bullying, while me and Joe laughed at how gross looking she is. Just the fact that she's posting pictures of herself on the internet is cyber terrorism. Hahaha! I just thought you should know.

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