March 25, 2008

New videos in my video store and VIP CLUB

Dammit, I've been partying too much. I must break the cycle. But I dont WANT TO! *scream* ...yea... I dyed the blue in my hair back to brown. I get bored fast. I'll be adding some blonde streaks again, but less spread out than last time. Someone needs to take me shopping for hair products.

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Go read about how fucking spoiled and awesome I am in my wishlist blog!

You can check my moblog to see lots of cell phone pics of random places and people I've been dealing with. Easter was fun, good times, blah blah blah, I got lots of lovely things from my fans, and my nasty SLAVES heh:


We took Vincent to the park the other day, yay spring! There happens to be an old old GRAVEYARD in this park, I'm in love, obviously.




if you want to really waste time you can watch this cell phone video of me running laps with the V man:

I want all of the clothes on this website... who's taking me shopping?::

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