September 14, 2007

please please please go buy me new clothes from my amazon wishlist. the sizes colors and shipping address are already filled in. You'll have the please of seeing me wear whatever you send me, in pics and on live cam. PLEASE help a girl out!!! I feel like a fucking dipshit, cause when I look through my pics its always the same boring fucking outfits. ;< I find it hard to spend my own money on clothes, considering I have bills, debt, and etc etc to put my money towards. I need a fucking bed too. *sigh* DAMMIT!

I've been ignoring submissives lately.

I've been wrapped up in my live webcam, video store, pic store world.

I'm in the mood for slaves ;>

Email me, or call me on niteflirt. Lets fucking get it started.

I'm gonna need an initial tribute from you, before we start getting all connected, obviously. A hundred bucks. Through niteflirt, or epassporte, or amazon gift certificate.. whatever.

Being owned by me is hot shit. Im delicious, on the outside and the inside. (oo that sounds dirty!)

The telephone, webcams, chatting, cell phone text messages, emails, snail mail, and possibly "real time" are all the ways you'll get to chill with me, if you become mine.

I like nice sweet submissives, and Im good at abusing nasty humiliation pigs.

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