September 29, 2007

I had a bunch of fun awesome yay shit to talk about, cause of everything that'd been going on for the past week.... but yesterday everything turned icky. My CAT got sick. Roy Orbison. He was panting, squatting a lot, and there was pee dripping out of him. He wouldnt eat or drink. We fed him hair ball medicine, and when that didn't help we took him to the vet. ....crystals in his bladder/urinary track. They said if we hadn't brought him in right away, he might have had kidney damage, or worse...

He's still there. We had to leave him over night. I hope he can come home today, before Joe goes to work. Man this sucks. He's the last person in the world to deserve this shit, Roy, he's the best behaved lovey dovey motherfucker ever. *sigh*

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