March 16, 2007

bahama mamma, originally uploaded by jessiekittycom.

Wanna drink what JessieKitty is drinking? Mix yourself a BAHAMA MAMMA!

1.5 shots white rum
1.5 shots spiced rum
2 shots pineapple juice
2 shots orange juice
2 shots coconut cream
1 splash grenadine

Joe and I just had a fun ass time runnin' around town (nashville) shopping. It kicked ass. I fucking love the adorable old asian guy who runs our local booze store... ...we saw a big line of limos on the way home and played a fun little guessing game about who was inside. Now we're getting silly with our drinks and watching the excellent excellent 80's flick 'Like Father Like Son' with Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron. haha! ....I fucking picked up some smutty romance novel called 'Highland Warrior'. I made Joe read some, he had no idea just how pervy and skanky they can be. We keep reading eachother nasty tidbits. Yum. Romance novels, my favorite form of porno. I swear to fucking god I learned shitloads of historical facts from 'em as a kid.

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