March 23, 2007

Well. Shit is fabulous for me, as usual. Lots of slutty men showering me with money and presents, lots of partying, lots of righteousness. In fact things are so regularly awesome that I've got not that much to report! Loving Nashville... LOVING the warm weather!

My favorite fucking bottle of perfume fell in the sink and broke a moment ago. Totally hear breaking. I was watching 'Mommy Dearest' right before it happened, so I blame Joan Crawford. NO MORE WIRE HANGERS! DONT FUCK WITH ME FELLAS!

Joe has been working at his new job, which leaves me a smidge lonely, but with plenty of time to take on sessions / cam appointments / phone appointments. Come one, come all!

Check me out, being drunk and boring. like my faux greaser hair? I'm in the mood to grow my bangs a little longer again, rar:

03-23-2007 12-14-5703-23-2007 12-51-56
03-23-2007 12-56-1403-23-2007 13-05-26
03-23-2007 13-06-3003-23-2007 13-19-29
03-23-2007 13-24-4403-23-2007 13-25-40
03-23-2007 13-29-4203-23-2007 13-48-18
03-23-2007 13-51-42

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