July 28, 2007

Did you know there're dudes with a 'hiccup fetish'? There are, and they requested a hiccup video from me awhile ago. I hardly ever get em... but I got em today! And run to the camera, I did ;> You can buy it in my vid store.

Yesterday morning I had a whack fest. And I thought very very pretty thoughts. Here's pictures. Dig the excellent entertainingness of my eyes rolling back in my head. Sex zombie.

07-26-2007 08-46-3607-26-2007 08-48-01
07-26-2007 08-55-0607-26-2007 08-57-51
07-26-2007 09-42-2207-26-2007 09-43-49
07-26-2007 10-00-5607-26-2007 10-01-15

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