July 27, 2007

Joe's working until midnight tonight. I'm ultra fuckin' lonely. Beer n' vodka. Joe got a load more before work. Me me me. And this quote, from Valley of the Dolls:

Anne Welles: Neely, you know it's bad to take liquor with those pills.
Neely O'Hara: They work faster.


waking up from an intoxicated stupor with a tongue in your ass. its a beautiful thing. Joe likes to get me doped up and then molest me. I like it too.

in the middle of the night last night I woke up to find joe had removed all my clothes and was eat my ass. I pretended to still be asleep for awhile, cause it was fuckin hot feeling his behavior when he thinks he's ALONE with my body, heheh. after awhile I couldnt hold back and I started shoving against him, and he climbed up on me and started fucking me all doggie style. good good goodie. that should happen EVERY night. ;>

heres some nasty pics to go with that:
07-22-2007 00-19-1507-22-2007 17-28-10
07-22-2007 17-28-3107-22-2007 17-35-15
07-22-2007 17-44-5007-22-2007 17-46-23
07-22-2007 17-47-5307-22-2007 17-49-30
07-22-2007 17-55-1807-22-2007 18-00-35
07-22-2007 18-11-3507-22-2007 18-25-25
07-22-2007 18-26-5007-22-2007 18-44-41
07-22-2007 18-50-0807-22-2007 18-56-14
07-22-2007 18-59-5907-22-2007 19-04-34
07-22-2007 19-00-53

I demand someone go buy me this dildo from my wishlist. You put it together so its double headed. If its flexible I could try to put it in my bum and puss at the same time... or I could try to suck one end while fucking myself with the other. Is that gross? Should I not be saying that out loud?

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