July 27, 2007


SLIM (The drummer of the Loose Skrews) .... we don't know each other really... but he's just put some more loose skrews shit in the mail for me...and I'm having fun investigating him and digging in his pictures. I'm thinking lots of fun shit about this georgia boy. I totally think he channels 'Fritz' from the disney version of 'the swiss family robinson'... but that might just be me, since I had a big boner for him whenever I watched it as a kid. Now look at Slim and his cuteness. Ooo, all exherted and sweaty..hmmm.. ah, 'oi y'all' ...excellent. (incase he has a girlfriend or wife who'd be pissed at my sleazeyness, I aught to make clear he's not after me at all, this is just in my head, because Im a bored strange little onion)



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