December 21, 2004

too much vod last night oi! I don't remember my conversations...*frown* oh well, surely I kicked ass.

I must have this jacket ..and I wouldn't mind these slippers eheheh :D still time to rush me shit for xmas to my po box!

I swear Im haunted by that frog under my skin dream. That shit was just so fucked up dude. *whimper* ...this dude I know henri was in the dream too...I forgot to mention that. He's an engineer or something.

Im so fucking sick of people asking me how I am. "hey, how are you" "hi, wat up" "hows UR day going" .......allllll day people ask me how I am. Don't I make it clear enough that Im a miserable mean drunk fuckin junk yard kitty? Obviousley a wretched bastard like me doesn't want to be covered with puke in the form of niceties. Fucking IM me introducing yourself, or saying something interesting. Don't fucking ask me how I am. *punch* BLAR!

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Anonymous said...

I am tired of it too.