December 9, 2004

Why is there no Billy Idol box set? If you know of one, point me to it. *stomps feet*

OH MY FUCKING GAWD. You have GOT to see THIS ....hahahahah omg omg hahahah BLARG! check out this page that breast implant infected? ...and someone needs to shave that first chick. ouch.

What type of hockey player are you?

Personality Test Results
Finesse:You have a crafty skill, and you avoid physical play with your slick moves and speed. Everything you do is flashy and clean.

D's questions, my awnsers:

1. What is your greatest source of inspiration?

2. What is the greatest album ever recorded?
David Bowie, as a whole.

3. What is the greatest book ever written?
Right now, I'll say John Waters "Crackpot" ...but thats right now.

4. What is your most prized possession?
My hair.

5. What is the key to happiness?
Intoxication, music, money, and fame.

hmm....kind of pointless since I'm supposed to give ONE awnser for each question...but whatever *shrug*

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