August 12, 2008

time for me to babble! JessieKitty - Veteran Domme!

As most of you know, I have been present in the 'online & real time bdsm' scene for 8 years now. I think that earns me the right to proclaim myself a veteran! There are a few things I would like to express. I never make these kind of blog posts, so dont fear any theatrical idiocy.

I am responsible for many of the 'camgirl to domme' crossovers. This is a fact. No one can deny it. Is this a good thing? Hmm... It's always irritating to be immitated. It's always an eye roller to watch them start trying to take on a new 'domme' persona... they all start repeating the same stupid cliche 'money slave' phrases, like a bunch of clucking chickens. Also, their lack of experience and validity somehow seems to make way for growing numbers of SUBMISSIVES who are lacking, as well. .... when I see these loser lists... it's amusing. Half of the guys they are calling out are men who have served me, and spent lots of money on me... so obviously its the chick who's failing. Most of these girls end up disapearing after a short amount of time. Not all, of course.

I am a pro domme, and a pro camgirl. I am a pro 'internet personality'. I do not put one before the other. My boyfriend is not submissive, we pro dom together, we do real time sessions together and its great.... but I consider real time 'sugar daddy spoiling' dates just as MUCH fun. ...I remember when people on the 'camgirl' sites I broadcast on started noticing what I do with my submissives... People weren't used to it at all. They made fun of me, acted shocked, it was contravercial to the max. ...and then slowly... little girls started trying to follow my lead. In fact, many contacted me, attempting to obtain my guidance in becoming 'more like jessiekitty'. Obviously I ignored that shit, why the fuck would I help a bitch copy me?

No one helped me.... because I didn't need help. I'm not putting on an act to 'make money'. I am succesful at what I do because I am being natural, I am what my submissives are looking for. I am what the horny guys who buy my cam time, pictures, and videos are looking for. I am real. How did it all begin for me? I got a computer as a teenager... men were drooling over me, offering to send me money, offering to buy me gifts, falling in love with me, period. It was inevitable that I started charging money for my time. ...and who says no to free presents? duh!

As time has gone by I have become more and more popular, on and OFFline. I have graced album and magazine covers, I have been REVIEWED in many 'zines from all over the world!..I've been a featured model on too many sites to count, and am considered one of the O.G.'s on many pornographic websites. I'm also well known on all of the most popular webcam sites. I am a fabulous and familiar face on all of the social networking sites. And just recently, I've been published as a case study in a college book about feminism, activism, and subcultures.

My own idols kiss my ass! Music is very very important to me, and as I place myself in a 'scene' that I adore, all of the alpha dogs and hot guys n' girls from the suavest bands gravitate towards me, and give me their approval and friendship. What is my point here? My point is that I'm fucking awesome. I am the best. I win. Kiss it.

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