August 17, 2008

visit my forum to see horrible nightmarish nasty shit that I do with my submissive followers. (normal guys need not fear such treatment) sample:

screen captures from my psycho beach party session with scum bunny




and mmmmmm.... yummy little dumb tramps! BOY TOY! submissive skinhead sex slave for JESSIEKITTY!!!! *grin*

This one is bleeding his bank account dry kissing my ass and ... basically just giving himself over to me ME ME.

You can look forward to lots of hot nasty shit, with this boy, cause he gives me a boner and I'm gonna get lots of pleasure and money out of him. I just wanna sit on his young little face! He's only 18... Im such a sick perv! hehe I can't wait to dress him up in hot little outfits... my little skinhead boy doll. fun.

skinheadslut1 skinheadslut2

skinheadslut3 skinheadslut4

I had him cum on the sign, evidence!


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