August 17, 2008

new video in my store!

new auctions, including one for slutty used heels oooo:


and oh my god... some guy has been calling me on niteflirt all
morning. he's some rich arab dude going to school in the usa, and at
first he was acting all submissive and weird... he kissed my ass,
begged me like an idiot... barked like a dog and snorted like a pig.
..opened a giant overpriced payment mail I sent him... ect.

..and then ..he started getting abusive and weird yelling at me that I
was a whore and a slut and all this shit.. then he starts calling back
apologizing but acting smug.

all of a sudden he's calling me sweetie and condescending to me and
being all strange. he said 'dont you call YOURSELF a whore and a slut?
..I said sure, but not in a mean way *smile ..he's yarbling all this
dumb cocky shit (he's 22 years old by the way, I was domming him
all evil and bitchy calling him a filthy little arab bitch.. he
was loving it and begging for more) ..He starts
trying to tell me that 'girls like being treated badly' and Im
laughing at his ass and saying a bunch of fucked up shit. all of a
sudden he says 'my girlfriend could kick your ass' hahaha!...and me.. I
said 'oh yea, is she a dirty brown monkey like you' hmhm, he repeated
what I said and started laughing sarcastically.. me and Joe made rude
sounds into the phone, and hung up. He called me a white bimbo who's
job it is to sniff his balls. I think he's finally gonna stay away.

he spent like 400 bucks to act like an idiot on my telephone.
;> very fucking entertaining, I can't stop grinning. In closing
I'd like to say I have lots of interest in, and respect for the
history and great contributions that our Arabian friends have
bestowed upon our reality, and my joyful eagerness to participate
in the strange racist aspects of our anti social little exchange
is in no way meant to be offensive to anyone who may have read
this. god that was fun.

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