May 27, 2008

I've got a new obsession. Vintage pictures of sailors. Handsome, fit, uniformed...*sigh*

I've been scouring flickr finding all the best the site has to offer. I'm collecting pictures like x rated trading cards.

People upload these old pics of their beloved relatives.... little do they know I'm molesting the photographs with my eyes, deciding who I'd fuck and who I wouldnt. Mine, now!


the pink x means I want to bang them (the guys without a pink x WOULD be allowed to watch):


they're dead.... yet I want them.... it's strangely delicious.


It's great to be a perverted slut... I'd be very lonely without my filthy thoughts. Anyone with any really good pics (like vintage NUDE military men!!!!!) should send them to me, at ....I also want to see pictures of hot men in soccer uniforms.

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