May 29, 2008

Indulge in all of your voyeuristic urges by subscribing to my 'house cams'! 24 hour a day access to multiple cameras wired throughout my apartment! currently there is one in the bedroom, one with a spanning view of the kitchen and livingroom, and another special cam for 'shows'. ;>

For only a few dollars a week you can take your JessieKitty obsession to new levels. Did I mention I fucking love being watched, and so does Joe?

We like to act like sluts at the cam.... but we also spew a lot of COMEDY. I DARE you not to enjoy peeking on us! It can be completely anonymous if you choose...

just click here, scroll down, and follow the instructions in the middle of the screen (yes, you get a free preview).

Don't forget, you can CALL ME (for 3.99 a minute) to tell me how fucking hot and righteous I am, just dial:
1-800-TO-FLIRT extention # 01241219

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