June 1, 2008

on this rainy bleak sunday morning, I happily popped over to the tv, because Im about to watch my new delicious copy of the original 1970's version of 'The Hills Have Eyes' with the great Micheal Berryman... when I switched on the TV, a true horror program awaited me. A preaching telivangelist. I realize that the average person watching such a program is a tool... but shouldn't reality in this case be obvious even to a tool? Does the christian tv fan not notice the fact that these people screaming about hell fire and 'satan' fucking LOOK like demons? These twisted disgusting crusty creepy RICH old men in their suits, leaning over a podium pointing and yelling, being completely hypocritical (theyre always getting caught with tranny hookers, drugs, embezzling money, etc)...

do you really think some entity that is supposedly in support of love and goodness would send their message through sick perverted demonic looking old yuppie criminals? come on now.... these fuckers make the scary preacher man from 'Poltergeist' look like Mr Rogers. it all reminds me way too much of the disgusting mennonite churches my parents used to make me visit.

God I remember once when Joe and I were tripping on acid, and we accidently put the tv on some christian channel, where there was some weird gold covered Kentucky Fried Chicken looking dude preaching all theatrical and weird... and he had some bitch sitting in a GOLD THRONE (yes a throne) next to him, and she had a giant fucking bleached blonde beehive, more clown make up than I've ever seen, and a freaky tight red dress on her big icky body. She fucking looked like a combination of barbie and Divine. And she was all out of it.... I'd recon' she had injested like fifty painkillers or something. They were babbling about nonsense, and she was talking in a little baby voice. It totally fucked up my trip and I got freaked out. I never got over it until I saw those exact people being made fun of in an episode of "Absolutely Fabulous'.

I'll take my program about incestuous deformed mountain people. It's much less disturbing. ...with all this talk of tv and movie, I feel compelled to (again?) brag about the fact that I CANCELLED MY CABLE. *woohoo* I will no longer allow the brainwashing and misinformation into my home. Anything I choose to watch I can get on dvd, or watch for free on the computer... without all of the sick filth commercials and icky programs and such that spawn insecurity and greed and envy and hate....and stupidity! You people DO realize that the ones controlling the government and media of the WORLD are all part of a sick perverted blood and power hungry cult, right? Hopefully you're not dumb enough to mistake the puppets and their sick little election dances for reality...

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