May 22, 2008

see me and Joe live, as well as lots of other hot sluts, on

Niteflirt pervys! Test your luck, click one of these pay mail buttons (all under 20$) and pay to open it and find out if Miss Kitty is going to let you cum! Play as many times as you want, as many times as you NEED.

penalty spooger! if you cum by accident, without my permission, you HAVE TO pay this penalty:

by the way... any of you people who're talented at graphics and such, Id realllly love to have this 'game' set up with cool pictures so it looks like a slot machine. or some other kind of cool gamblingness. Id like the colors to be pink aqua white and tan..

click here for 15 minutes of free streaming porn (of your choice) in my video on demand theater!!

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