June 17, 2009


I thought for a long time about what I would post but decided to just write and not prepare some speech. Jessica would wing it so I am going to as well. We started off hating each other. She accused me of copying her looks and profession. Neither were true but obviously this post isn't about me. We slowly worked our shit out and became friends. I am so glad to have known her and can't say how beyond happy I am that we were able to look past petty crap and form a fucking outstanding friendship. We both loved pink, tacos, dogs, shopping, and thinking about all the trips we were going to take together when the time was right.

I had to find out about her death via someone sending me a message on Yahoo. Awful! Just writing this is making me feel what I felt that day all over again. I'm going to break it down quickly because I just can't do this right now or probably any time. No time will be the right one. So here it is - I have been talking to her boyfriend and I'm making a site dedicated to her, her archived blog that will live on forever, a section for images/poems/writings that her admirers have sent to me, beautiful photos of her gorgeous self & soul, and few other things I'm in the middle of working on that will be known when I have them organized and ready to be put online. Fanfuckingtastic is what it's going to be. Fanfuckingtastic! A word JK would have approved of.

What I need is YOUR help! And FAST!

Create something!

Photos, poetry, writings, memories, graphics for the site which will have the words Legacy in it (I'm not sure of the colors but our girl liked black, purple, pink, and teal) but I'm not exactly sure where the word will go yet. I'm going to write all the HTML myself but banners, adorable animated GIFs, anything your creative head can think of - send it my way! Send all your amazing creations to jessicaslegacy@gmail.com. (I totally can't figure out how to create mail links using Blogger, sorry. Just copy and paste the e-mail addresses into your e-mail program.)

Thank you Joseph for coming up with the domain ideas, keeping the blog online and letting me archive it. Thank you for letting me create the new site and keep her amazing works online. I know she would want it online so she can live on forever. She would love the attention and we all know it!

Love your dear friend - brattyk1tty@yahoo.com! (LIPZ) (inside joke...) *Sends Jessie some cereal and blood orange juice* *Sends JK a seven and seven*! That's better my love isn't it? :)

Remember! Jessicaslegacy@gmail.com - send everything there!