November 8, 2004

dancin with my self aw oh dancin with my seee elf. heheh.

Im still obsessing over that kitty purse. I must have it. I'll die if I dont get it. *HISS* ....I had some cute boys from minnesota come down and bring me a bag o greens. Much gratitude I feel. I need more nitrous from my wishlist. Fucking get it for me.

This dude I knew in duluth randomly happens to live here. Crazy. He all wants to hang out and shit, I'm like whoa...a friend. But he's more my boyfriends friend.

I realllllly feel the urge to shop. I want to buy shit. NOW. RAWR. *sigh* ....keen fucking closed all my accounts because I like broke the rules too many times. Apparently putting nude pics on my listings was the final straw. I applied for a new account, hopefully they'll accept me. Either way my recordings, and high rated live lines are lost. *sad*. ..look for updates on the keen shmack during the next two days.

You can still send me an amazon gift certificate or an amazon cash payment and I'll give you my cell number when it clears.

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