November 5, 2004

dont forget you can get access to buttloads of my pics here

ah...last night was funky. valium + liquid valium + whiskey = hot livingroom sex. ROWR, that was good man. And some sick satanic ritual horror movie was playing in the really set the mood *dirty grin*

I hope I can recreate that tonight. I've been really bored lately...I need wierd shit. *sigh* ....*eyes the bottle of vodka on her desk* ...11:03pm ...its PAST the cocktail hour. I need to get fucked up yo.

this is possibly the most interesting thing anyone has ever said about my looks:
joolz_101: i see you btw
JE$$IE : hola.
joolz_101: those eyes
joolz_101: Cheers
JE$$IE : thats what I muttered at the cam
JE$$IE : nice.
joolz_101: Like some fucked up Beautiful Lynchian Betty Boop Cartoon
JE$$IE : hahahahahhaha
JE$$IE : that is the coolest fucking thing Ive heard in awhile
JE$$IE : Im posting that in my blog
joolz_101: ok

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