November 4, 2004

I just had the most amazing dream about Mikeee (the guy who owns cambang and all the net3x sites). It was so fucking romantic and hot and aaaaaaa I can't gush enough. *whimper* Im so pissed I woke up yo. *cry* Man....sometimes you just have those dreams that leave you feeling feelings like ...and it doesnt go away. You know? Like usually youre like, haha dream *forget* ....but Im all obsessivley grasping at any detail and replaying it in my head. It was FUCKING FAB. ....not unlike this purse, which I want desperatley:


Carl said...

Wow, Jessica, why weren't there enough cuties like you supporting the President in Wisconsin?

Mike said...

psh psh PSH

Seems like theres only room for one Mike in Jesh's heart.

And to think I was going to call you my lucky ducky today!

Tek28 said...
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