November 15, 2004

once again, I find it insulting when I'm told I look like a 'living dead doll' please refrain from saying that. It isn't true anyway.

I don't get enough mail. I send people fucking letters and postcards all the time. Do they ever reply? No. I need pen pals. People like 'captain morgan (matt)' and tom k. and such should be mailing me. If you're reading this, fucking email me and get my address, because youre total fags for not showering me with interesting mail. *hate*

Still with the squirrel nut mind is obsessive and refuses to let go of something until its been played on repeat in my head for a week or more. Jesus fucking christ. ...its freezing in here as usual. God I hate being cold. I'll kill you all. more later.


Anonymous said...

hey i saw your undercut that you have. I hope to see your hair with a higher angle soon =) Who writes letters anymore btw? It's all about the email and creepy stalker posts

Anonymous said...

You look nothing like a 'living dead doll', firstly because your head is in much better preportion to your body and secondly're gorgeous. When I want to show someone that bridge piercings can look amazing, I link them to a picture of you.
*fades back into anonymous-ness*

Tek28 said...
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