November 13, 2004

Dreamed about time travel, and then dick sucking. The dick sucking got caught on film and then I ATE the copy of it to get rid of it. HM!

Cant get the squirrel nut zippers songs 'it aint you' and 'blue angel' out of my head...surely because they like go hand in hand with my life or some wussy crap like that. But they're fucking excellent songs yo. I wonder if I should snz up my radio blog. hm. *goes to look for more hotties on bodymodsnet*

found one that I used to obsess over, yay EVIL DAVE (im so making my boyfriend do his hair like that ....or should I let him leave it bald. what do I like more? I dont know *sigh*)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Im better than him. You're going to get with me.