November 10, 2004

was dreaming about someone again.

im wearing a full set of 'long johns' ...otherwise known as 'long underwear' ....its my first set. its insane! Im a hick Im a hick! ahahahahah! I wonder how people would act if I went out in public in these. theyre black of course *smacks you for thinking I'd wear tan* ....full set. top and bottom....having way too much fun with this.

I wake up every time I sober up. Its really unfair. I'd like to sleep longer. *snort*

buy me more, fags. l.t.s.f. I better have those fucking boots from my xxx wishlist or youre NOT getting any of my garbage. homeworkboy: your deadline was yesterday. you failed. die....

more later.


Anonymous said...

post some pictures of you in yo long johns girl

Tek28 said...
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