November 29, 2004

I just added this to my amazon wishlist, theres only one left in stock, get it for me!!!!!!

it really disgusts me how people expect special treatment because they were stupid and repulsive enough to have children. ....*snort*....some stupid ignorant 18 year old whore with a baby got my boyfriend sent home early from work because she claimed he was intimidating her because he had mace in his pocket. ....that stupid motherfucking whore. *scream* from what I've heard on top of being completely dumb, she's lazy as hell and doesn't get her work done. *murders her*

equally annoying are people who tell me Im going to change my mind and want children when I'm older. listen here, fat heads, maybe you're a weak willed wishy washy moron who goes through life changing their opinions constantly...but Im not. I have known since I was comprehending reality that I would never ever defile my body, or life by having a stupid worthless child. I have been saying this since I was a child, and all this time you fucking sheep have been telling me with an irritating grin that my maternal instincts would kick in some time. Get real. My maternal instincts are about strong enough to make me want to baby a kittie and a doggie.

anyone want to pay to get my tubes tied? because IM so up for that.

and you nasty whores puking children from your baggy cunt....dont fucking expect any special treatment from me. I hope you die poor, and your sickening welps push you down the stairs for insurance money.


DiscoStu said...

*someone* woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.... :)

Mike said...

Babies suck. Sometimes, I think, I wouldnt mind a kid that was like 13ish. But fuck I have enough issues in my life, I cant afford some drama soaked teenager. Fuck him/her.