November 21, 2004

chasing whiskey with beer, cause shit just aint cool.

Horror PunK!
Horror Punk!

Tho often mistaken for a goth, you're heart is in
punk. You just have a more fun approach to it.
Makeup, leather, studs & spikes, and a
halloween is everyday attitude, make you a fun
person to be around! Bands of this genre are
most commonly the Misfits, and related bands.
Check out for a
great Northwest band!

What type of punk are you?
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so my fuckin sister just stopped by to take a dump. she lives in a differant city/state....and she was in the area visiting friends....and she fuckin stopped by here to TAKE A DUMP. She's not my real sister. ....I found old journals of hers and there'd be entrys that said 'jessica is coming to visit this weekend' with a sad face next to it. *puh* ...she's OLDER than me.

bassist and guitar
you are the nekromantix!
yes! you like coffins, bondage, and rockabilly
chicks or guys. slap that coffin bass you old

what psychobilly band are you?
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You Are Bobby

Which Misfit Are You?
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