November 1, 2004

I went to a new hick bar last night. Someone asked me 'what are you' huh. I wasnt dressed up or anything..... So I replied 'A stranger'. *juts hips out*

I'd been waiting like the last fucking MONTH for hot topic to do double clearance on their clearance section...I wake up this morning to find out it was yesterday and the day before, and its over now. Those fucking kike if anyone would bother to shop online on halloween weekend. I'll kill them.

At le hick bar I snatched a bag of goodies meant for the kiddies (yes, children come in bars here *shudder*) it was a blessed popcorn ball. The popcorn ball is like MY halloween know..I dont give a crap about anything but the popcorn I get home, and in a drunken stupor leave it on the bed with my purse... ....THE FUCKING DOG STOLE IT. Not MY little angel...the big brute boxer I live with. *whimper* mmmy popcorn ball is gone...I didnt get to eat it and halloween is OVER. *sad* ..On a happier note, I had great sex and pina coladas for halloween. *yip yip*

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