November 19, 2004

so I got an email from this site asking me if I want to be a performer on their site, and as I was sifting through all the middle aged 'hotties' I cam across this very shocking and hilarious thing: Grannie's Gone Gay ...a pair of performers on their site. Old ladys who lick eachother. *snicker* ...... *snicker*

ah...piles of delias, alloy, victorias secret, and musicians friend catolauges all over my desk. Send me fucking gift certificates and cash, my little yes men.

So fucking niteflirt/keen completely kicked me off the site again. I guess the nude picture thing really got them riled up. I wonder if they were accusing me of being underage, like fucking verotel, because other bitches have nude pics on THEIR listings. And they're old and ugly. Hmph. Fucking evil bastards, I swear theres some fat old bitch who works there who has it in for me. They've always come down really fucking hard on me about the rules. ....if you know of an alternative 'phoneing' company let me know. email ...*sigh*

I hope you people with my addy are going to send me lots of interesting postal mail. A certain someone is getting a crate of interesting booze ready for me \m/
You're a Pint of Guinness!

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the lovely artist D made me some new fan signs, D is someone Ive been kissy face with online for a few years, WEE!

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