September 30, 2008

There is a nasty fucker posing as me on dallas's craigslist. Asking for sex and photos.

The thing is... HE emailed me about it. Of course he thought I'd be too much of a bimbo to realize he's the one doing it. Is this his little hobby? Creating a situation in which he's the hero, and some dumb broad cries to him, and thanks him?

Here's all the photographic proof, that I'm grabbing for my own safety. His profile says he lives in jersey.. how would he just HAPPEN to see that on dallas craigslist, and just HAPPEN to have my myspace address, where the photos were taken from? Duh...

the ad:

the myspace mail:

his profile:

Let's see. The craigslist ad was made at midnight... and he mailed me about it on the same date at 10pm. Is that his 'nasty nasty' hour? After his wife goes to bed? Sickening.

What should I do? I already flagged the ad...

People have stolen my pictures lots of times... but this is just sick.

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