September 29, 2008

Last Thursday, me and Joe went to the preseason opener of the Nashville Predators.



It was beyond fun. The Nashville fans are nothing like Buffalo fans... they're WAY more interactive, for one thing. They're chanting and singing constantly, like a soccer game. It's hot. Also, the people seated around us were extremely nice and talkative, another thing I'm not used to. Yes, I think going to games here in Nashville is going to make me love hockey even more. *sigh* ... *happy sigh*.. oh.. we lost, by the way. Not that it matters. Everyone playing were lil green rookies, awww *pet*.

As usual, when I go out to do something fun and cool, I dont think to take pics and videos except for when theres nothing interesting going on. Therefor, these pics and videos fucking suck. But they're mine, so I'll post them anyway ;>




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Joe is forcing me to turn the god damn cable tv back on, so he can get his center ice package and be able to see all of the hockey games.

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