September 26, 2008

I have so much slavey shit going on all of the time, and its so fucking NORMAL to me, that I think I neglect to mention it, too often!

Yes. Many dirty perverted little slave cunt bastards are fucking themselves and their bank accounts over for me daily ;>

for example this sissy bitch... who wins auctions, pays for them, and never gets the reward he earned. why? because both he and I like it when I fuck him over ;>


you wanna see slave slut shit that I've got going on? go check out my forum where I document it a little more often.

hahaha look at this little metrosexual NY jew boy I tortured:

Find more videos like this on JessieKitty



I redid my domme site!

you KNOW I've been an important figure in the online findomme scene for eight fucking years.... I wasn't lucky enough to have someone like ME to emulate. I'm the fucking original.

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