September 30, 2008

Some people on myspace were being douchey at me about being a porno ho and a Domme... and lots of lovely people came to my emotional aid. It was righteous of them.

One dude in particular caught my attention. Kurt Dirt. He was fucking brilliant, in what he said (you can see the post here). It happens that his girlfriend is also a Domme. Olga, originally from Lithuania. (rad!).

We talked a bit, and shared our love for The Cramps, and Bowie. He said 'Iggy(pop) and Lux(interior) are his mom and dad. *grin* Obviously, I'm fucking love this boy and his hot girlie. I begged a picture off of him, and permission to speak about him in my blog. Just cause I wannnnted to. Kindred spirits are hard to find! ;>

Here's Kurt and Olga, and some her submissive bitch boys who later paid the tab:

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