September 22, 2008

So. I've had this friend for.... years n years now. His name is Mike. Unbeknownst to him I call him 'Alaska Mike'... thats what he's listed as in my phone.

He's a fisherman! In Alaska!! It's pretty fucking cool man. He's my main long distance hockey buddy. He was born in Alaska, he's norwegian, russian, native, german (fuckin rad!)


he's extremely cool, and I love to daydream about whats its like to... do what he does.


he spends around half of the year in Alaska... and the rest of the time he's running around in Florida visiting his family, or squid fishing in California. Tantalizing!


This summer he went to the Baranof hot springs in southeast Alaska where he fucking met Chuck Norris!!!


Some of his friends made this excellent video, which showcases the kinds of things & places that are involved with his work.

I am making this post appreciation.


He was showing me a website where he gets a lot of his fishing gear,

there is something strangely hypnotic about these orange overalls... they make me fantasize strange and interesting scenarios about being on boats, and fishing, and seeing sunrises and stuff...

Mike knows lots about fishermans lore:

dont bring suitcases, only bags.. because suitcases attract land

no hats at the dinner table, no haircuts in summer, and no leaving on fridays - bad luck

no whistling, you could whistle up a storm

coil the lines clockwise, otherwise you'll flip the boat


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