May 9, 2008

Went to the beach again! I've been going to the park a lot too. I'm feeling very outdoorsy. I love it that my life consists of making some sick porno fetish vids in the morning, going out doing lovely fun wholesome activities like shopping, swimming, and dining... then going home and being paid to laugh at some moron as they beat up their own crotch and beg forgiveness for being human garbage. It's ... fun. ;> Whenever I'm out in public I'm always accessing all of the people I see, as far as what they're like when they're deep in the bowels of their own perversion. Joe and I will pick people out and guess 'That guy likes to shut himself in tiny closets with dildos up his ass' hahah!

Speaking of good ol' family fun, Joe and I went and saw a movie in the theater (first time in many years). It was 'The Forbidden Kingdom', the new Jackie Chan flick. It was FABULOUS!!! I loved the Monkey King. Surprisingly I LIKED Shia Lebouf or whatever his little name is. I usually hate young people...anyway, I advise you see it.

Now look at some random pics and videos.



I have a serious boner for the decorating job I did with my now beloved macbook. I got a zebra sticker, and then a pink case. Or... fans of mine got them for me from my wishlist, rather:


random snaps of things in my bedroom, you can click the pic to see it full size:



ridiculous videos from the beach, hehe:

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