May 9, 2008


Cinema Legend John Waters is making a new movie!!!! An XMAS movie, at that! -

"Johnny Knoxville and Parker Posey will star in John Waters' upcoming Christmas movie, Fruitcake. Little is being revealed about the plot, though it is said to center on a boy, named ''Fruitcake,'' who runs away from home during the holidays after he and his parents are busted for shoplifting food. He meets up with a runaway girl, who was raised by a gay couple and is searching for her birth mother". (Hollywood Reporter)

hotness. I'm a HUGE John Waters fan. I've got all of his movies to date, but "A Dirty Shame", and I even have a few of his books... and a documentary about the amazing Divine. Good shit. His filth and white trash vintage are just my style. (ultimate John Waters guide)

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