May 11, 2008

So... I made the questionable impulsive decision to browse on my ollldest cds full of junk from my old computers, this afternoon. I found hundreds of insane insane pictures. Absolutely freaky. Sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. And 'work'... otherwise known as being a deb' in the world of sluttyness, fetishism, and insane hedonism in the area of ego. I also found a bunch of FUNNY shit.


yes, that is a curly blue and green mohawk on me, when I was 15. haha! hmmm...I was listening to a lot of bauhaus and david bowie. ... interesting... my lips seem bigger...I wonder if it's from all that dick sucking. head seems shorter..maybe it's because of my neck tattoo. I tried to make a similar facial expression. ..of course I wasn't wearing any make up in the old pic.. and I'm not sure I have the proportions perfect...this is weird. I dont recommend doing it with your own pictures. hmhmhm! ..oh my god... I was wearing ear cuffs. :|

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