February 11, 2008

I've just posted a GORGEOUS calves/fetish shoes 'calve fetish' video in my store. It's fuckin' awesome, I'm so glad my french leg worshiper requested it ;> (those perfect wooden platforms just came, purchased by some italian foot whore haha)

fetishshocalve.gif 000_6581

Joe and I had a lotta lotta lotta fun the other night drinking margaritas and making vids for a pitiful cuckold bitch (those vids are also available in my store).


000_6590 000_6596
000_6603 peetime1
000_6617 000_6620

I'm back on ebanned!!!! (adult only site for filthy auctions) my first new auction is for lifetime membership to my 24/7 voyeur house cams!!!

my ebanned page, the direct link for my new auction...

feel free to make requests for things you'd like to see me auction off on ebanned. only serious suggestions, because I have to pay to put up the auctions!



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