February 11, 2008

I've just seen the greatest bad movie there ever was.

Equinox (1970)

equinox on imdb.com

equinox review on tomptokyo.com's bad movie report

When I was watching this, I kept raving and raving about how great it was, even though it was really bad. Now I check online and there's all these controversial articles and discussions about how people think sam rami ripped a bunch of shit off from this movie. Mmm. I knew I wasn't crazy. ITS CINEMATIC GOLD!!!!!!!


four kids set out to have a picnic and visit some college teacher. two of the kids are set up on a blind date... the other two are already a couple (theres really irritating bitchy banter between the 'already couple'...its annoying and great)... they get to the dudes house out in the country, and it's destroyed, like there was an explosion or something...


then they hear creepy laughter coming from a cave, so naturally they go in to investigate. There's a freaky gross old man in their who gives them some ancient persian devil book. Crazyness ensues. The devil (or someone posessed by the devil embodying him) is milling around posing as a cop something. At one point when he's alone with one of the girls, he slips on some evil enchanted ring and hypnotizes her, and then rapes her mouth with his own. There's all of these gross up close shots of him purposely making his mouth look really gross, with drool everywhere and shit:


Later she attacks the other girl, cause she's under his spell, and they do a nasty close up of her face too, its fucking golden shit:


Im drunk, and on live cam. Y'all. click here to watch.

haha, we also have our voyeur cams on, and some motherfuckers just watched us learning to do the watusi, we looked up the steps cause 'wah watusi' by The Orlons came on the satellite radio.

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