February 9, 2008

I just drank a redbull....alright, it's spring cleaning day! Joe is off doing all the laundry, and washing all the bedding, furniture covers, and towels. Normally I'd go with him, but we have a bunch of video orders to take care of this afternoon so we want to get everything out of the way early. (Ive got some new cocksucker who's paying me to make him videos which I put in my store for him to pay for AGAIN, I love it). After we're done 'working' we're going to drink margaritas, WOOHOO!!! But anyway.. as for right now, you can watch me do a complete overhaul on the entire house by subscribing to my 24/7 Live House Cams! (five dollars a week to have access to webcams set up high monitoring my whole place)... current subscribers may have noticed they were off most of yesterday, that's cause in the afternoon I was making videos to sell, and during the night my computers were fucked up. Grr. Everythings fixed though, so come spy on me ;> haha Later when we're making videos you might see me suckin' some dick! Woo!!!

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