March 10, 2009


I started a new youtube account. hopefully this one wont get deleted...

my new members site is almost complete, go join! don't forget to fill in your name on the chat tag, because at default youre labelled as 'guest'. (in the 'whistle bait' jessiekitty club you get webcam, and ALL of my amateur videos and pics ;>).

There are also new vids in my video store, and new sets in my photo go blow your money!

*sigh* it's so hard to make myself do 'workie' type shit when it's all nice and sunny out. I wanna go swimming! rawr!... yesterday we took the dogs out to Nashville's Centennial Park.. the scaled version of The Parthenon is there. Pretty sweet, except for all of the annoying faux hippie richie 'Vandy' college kids hanging out there. Barf!


I wish there had been time to take Ben and Jordan to see that shit. They were here for a week in february, and it was BLISS BLISS BLISS!!! (they're my best friends). We set downtown on fire! Hah. I will now post pictures..

they arrive. it's 70 degrees here, and they just left sub zero scary icky minnesota snow weather... we lay around my front lawn drinking shitty wine and smoochin' all over eachother, ...and jordan plays with my dogs. IT WAS HEAVEN!!!!





we of course got totally plastered... the next morning we were verrrry hung over, and decided to act a fool in my lovely bedroom... yea, reviewing these videos I'm pretty sure we were still drunk..omg we're tards hehehe:







we fucked around and did a bunch of shit... and then it was champagne time. Jordan and I drank two fucking giant giant bottles of some cheap shit, and we got C R A Z Y... as you can see, Jordan decided to play with one of my bras *tehe*:




"Girls Will Be Girls" was the perfect movie to end that evening with..

there was much bar hopping, the whole trip:









when we went to Paradise Park (a trailer park themed bar @ restaraunt) we met this WILD WILD woman 'Lucy Lox' from iowa. We partied with her and shit got hilarious!


that place has plastic chairs and tables, and smashed up vintage hot rods just... sitting around. it's great!



Lucy and I got a bit loopy in the bathroom:


she gave me her address and told me I can come ride horses with her. I totally need to write her a letter hehheheheh!


I must relate some of the wacky occurances that transpired between us and random strangers. Hmm.

1) While we were sitting outside in downtown nashville, drunk as fuck, some nasty pair of street freaks approached us being wonky. A black guy and his little wigger butt boy. They were kind of snotty and asked us for money, we yelled no, and then the black dude started spewing some of his bitchy 'poetry' at us. He kept saying 'the RIGHT way'.. and I yelled at him 'Did you say the WHITE way??? Are you being RACIST!!!?' ...he got mad and they departed. It was fucking hilarious. As he walked away he mumbled 'I can't believe you interrupted me'. *smile*

2) Later that night, sitting in the brewhouse soooo trashed waiting for Joe to come pick us up, these OTHER two freaks approach us. They lean down and start whispering in my ear that they want to fuck me. Then they say to ben and jordan 'if I were gay I'd want to fuck you too'... they were obnoxious in general and we were just laughing at them, when the skinny freaky one STUCK HIS HAND UP MY SKIRT, omg! I started shrieking and then his big huge fat friend asked me 'Is your hair real?'.. I found that very offensive, so I asked him 'Is that a fat suit?'... hah. He got mad and said to his friend 'Come on, let's go, we don't like FAKE people'. ..whatever that meant... heh. I don't know, it was great. Ben and Jordy have a pic of me with the skinny freak who grabbed my ass, but it's just too embarrassing to post.

My apartment is so much more fun with them in it....


(yes, thats bea arthur, we had a golden girls marathon)

now these pictures are funny, beause of what you CANT see. we went downtown and checked out this like... historical site. an old civil war army fort thats still standing, next to the river, all wooden and old and shit... it's got a park attatched to it, where apparently all of the bums and squatters like to hang out. While we were taking these pictures some big biker looking motherfucker was screaming and hooting cat calls at us. You can totally tell by the body language and facial expressions, heheehe!





(doesnt this pic of jordan totally look like some shit you'd see in a John Waters art book?)


on their last night here, Ben made 'Yucca' (hard lemonade, only good) and we ordered chinese. *sigh* it was somber, cause none of us wanted to seperate. But still lots of fun!





the morning they left we dulled the pain by drinking, and watching 'rupauls drag race'.

02-18-09_1058.jpegFwd: IMG00335.jpg

If you're wondering, I haven't drank much at all since they left. Heh. Self control and all that lame shit. If you want to see ALL of the photos and videos, you'll have to join my site ;>

lets see... what else... I know, let us again laugh at my stupid loser dutch bi*ch:


I love ripping him off ;>

A JessieKitty blog post would not be complete if I didn't demand you go buy me stuff from my amazon wishlist!!! I need lots of new spring clothes (I give away almost all my clothes each year) annnd ... get me music!

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