February 23, 2009

I have lots of slutty new pictures, will be making sets out of them and uploading them to my store soon! saaample?

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02-10-2009 13-00-04
02-10-2009 12-43-3102-10-2009 13-03-5702-10-2009 12-47-32
02-10-2009 13-09-2802-10-2009 13-09-2102-10-2009 13-10-54

many apologies for the current state of my blog. if you go more than a few pages in, you see all of the pictures are white boxes saying 'this picture has been removed from flickr'. terrible terribleness and I'm working on it. (all I can do is go through the posts and remove all of the pictures, I'm totally pissed..).

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