September 8, 2008

Obama is a puppet of the New World Order. Bilderberg attending Illuminate scum. Mccain is a fucking retarded lying sickening moron, a fucking raving lunatic who WISHES he was the one that they chose to be president. It's all bullshit. If you're buying into it you're fucking stupid. Period. No... wait, thats not true. Lots of people I really like, who're good people, are into Obama... because of the way the lesser of two evils tactic is working. I apologize to you otherwise smart and awesome people who are, in my opinion, misled. Don't get mad at me!

The other day I pointed out these facts in my blog on myspace. I mentioned that Obama's middle name is Hussein (simply because it has become taboo and nono in the media) and that he did NOT grow up in Kansas as those controversial election commercials of his implied... he grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii. Some people thought I was trying to say 'hes muslim, so he's bad!' ... NO.. ..that is NOT what I was saying. My point was that he's not the fucking 'african american hero all star' that they're making him out to be, to get peoples approval. That's it. That's all I was saying.

A bunch of fucking morons attacked me, on the site. First obama supporters who didnt bother to read everything I said, took me for a mccain supporter, and started harrassing me calling me a 'stupid southern redneck blonde bitch' ... well... first of all, I'm from california, I've lived all over the country, and I've only been living in Nashville for a year and a half... not that there's anything wrong with being a born southerner. Second, I've only been blonde for three months... and I hate mccain... so you're just fucking stupid. One cow even called me a 'bible thumper'... thats extremely wrong. I consider myself to be a VICTIM of organized religion, as anyone who'd read my bio knows. My parents were involved with an icky religous CULT that caused MUCH badness in my childhood.

Then.... a bunch of mccain supporters harrassed me... telling me how dumb I am, going on about the LIES that he's a 'war hero'. You know, the average idiocy....

THEN people started flipping out about my mention of Ron Paul 'oh I wouldnt be supporting him if I were a woman, he's anti abortion!'. ...god you people are fucking limp wristed little turnips.

I ended up deleting the blog post because people were trying to fight with me, and eachother, in the comments. I'll never fucking mention politics on that site again. Believe me. And I maintain, fuck the NWO... fuck the Illuminate... fuck the facade of politics, and fuck all of you people who're allowing yourself to be a snowed brainwashed useless feeder, tools of the fucking perverted demons running this planet.

by the way, every time I make a blog post like this, I get emails from people telling me how they dont fucking want to hear this shit, and expected to just see porn when they came to my blog. Those people should just mutiliate their dicks so they can coordinate with their personalites.

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